Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feelin' floral.

It's getting to be that time, folks when nothing I have in my closet fits the same way anymore.
And I'm holding on to what little figure I used to have.
Yet, I still find myself wandering around the part of a store that holds sizes 0-7.
Strategically, "missing" the maternity section.
And walking out of that said store with sizes that I could only fit 6 months ago.
And then realizing, when the heck was I planning to wear this?!
I've gotta get things together. A shift in thinking would help.
I mean, this baby is not gonna be a small one.
The husband was a twin and he weighed 7 pounds, while his twin bro weighed almost 9 pounds.
If that doesn't bring me back to reality,
then I'm sure the 60 extra pounds I'll gain by the end of this adventure definitely will.
Oh, the joys of pregnancy!

Anywhoo, the bump and I decided to wear something easy today.
A floral dress complete with cowboy boots and denim vest.
Ready to frolic in this California sunshine.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Leather, leopard and loafers.

This whole pregnancy thing is a trip.
My body is going through all sorts of changes that I am amazed by.
The bump seems to be getting bigger by the second. I mean minute. Ok, maybe I'm being dramatic.
We'll stick with getting bigger by the day.
I can now feel little love pokes from peanut.
Movements so quick and subtle that only I can feel them.
Like a private conversation or joke just between the two of us.
And I know the hubbs is jealous. I mean who wouldn't be?!?
This baby's got those pokes down to a perfect science.
It's the best feeling EVERRRR.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So, the hubbs and I finally got our act together and joined a family plan.
A cell phone family plan.
He has an iPhone and I had a Droid.
There was no way on God's green earth that he was giving up his beloved iPhone so instead,
he surprised me with my very own!
And now I've got this budding romance with the phone of my dreams.
And of course, in order to become a "real" iPhoner, I had to get myself on Instagram.
I'm not sure how many bloggers out there use this amazing app, but I'm sure there are plenty.
Unfortunately, I haven't found you and you haven't found me. Yet! :)
(Note the username in the title.)
So, until that happens, here are some pics I'd like to share...

A couple outfit teasers for ya.
Full posts coming soon.

Totally in love with my new sparkly loafers!
And some arm swag and red lips to keep it glam.

Half of my jewelry collection.
Faves on display for easy access.

Some wall art of the hubbs and I.
True love is a beautiful thing.

And finally...
Introducing the little miracle from the Lord which came from the meshing of those two lucky people in the above picture.
We're having a baby!
4 months and counting. Woo woo!
So, if I look like I've put on some pounds...
This tiny person is to blame.
And I wouldn't have done it for anyone else.
Mommy loves you.
Welcome, my little love bug to the world of blogging.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The new.

Chopped it.
Well, not completely.
But for me this is pretty short.
Some layers, and sort of this asymmetrical bob-ama-jiggy with just the last bit of ombre left in the front.
And of course, the bangs. Always the bangs.
Whether it be long and sideswept or blunt and straight.

This is the first of the few changes that are about to happen.
I've got some other things up my sleeves.
Including, possibly, no scratch that, definitely changing my blog name.
And changing the content.
To include not only my style, but the story of my life as I live it.

Btw, let's do this whole Instragram thing. Find me: @always_ashleyrae.
It's sooooo much fun!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last of the long.

So, here we go with change.

This is the last outfit post with my long, flowing mane.
No more ombre and no more Kim K. curls.
I usually don't do very much with my hair. I like it long. And so does the husband.
But I'm definitely ready to try something different.

Can't wait to share soon!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hello? Anybody out there?

Wow! It's been quite sometime since I've blogged ANYTHING. Oh I have missed thee, blogger world!  
I've been on hiatus for quite a few months. 7 to be exact. But who's counting? 
Life has changed but definitely for the better.
2011 has passed and here we are in this wonderful new year.
Just thought I'd do a quick post to get my feet wet in 2012.
Wanted to practice my blogger poses a little. And let me tell you, I was a little wobbly getting back on the horse. Hence the ONE good picture today.
So bear with me as I do plan to practice tons more and re-perfect those skills.

But, I'm definitely back on the blogging scene and can't wait to catch up with all of you.
Not to mention how excited I am to implement some new changes to this little ol' blog of mine.
Including sharing more juuuicy personal stuff.
I hope you guys will join me on this new adventure!
Oh, and mucho thanks for not giving up on me and un-following yourself from my blog.
And one last thing...
anybody on Instagram?
I just joined the cool kids club with my new iPhone and I'm totally hooked on this app.
So, look me up if you totally fancy the idea and we can share even more pics.
Find me: @always_ashleyrae

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