Thursday, April 14, 2011

The next generation.

Received these pics in my email just a few days ago.
Taken by my sis-in-law across the world of a couple of my favorite little girls!
They love their Auntie Ash so much that they wanted to be part of my blogger world.
And I love them twice as much.
I can't wait to have them back here in California.
And without further ado,
here is the future of fashion and blogging.

Jaelyn Audrey
Don't you just love the knee-high polkadot socks and matching hat?!

Keilah Naomi
My bohemian glamour girl in a diy dress that belongs to her mama. Complete with tons of accessories!

Total naturals!
My little fashionistas.


  1. cuteness!! i love these photos-so adorable!!

  2. Aww...they are so adorable!!! They are already very fashionable! :)

  3. too cute! knee high socks and maxi dresses are very in right now. they know whatsup. xx

  4. awww what a sweet post...adorable!!!

  5. Oh my goodness they are so adorable!! That dress and all that jewelry is so cute on her and check out those awesome shoes!

  6. Aww they're adorable, they could be child models.

  7. They are so adorable! Obviously take after their Auntie Ash for being so fashionable!;)

  8. thanks for posting their pics ash! keilah was very tickled to see herself on your blog! xoxoxxo from shmeilers and jae!

  9. aw, sweet! love that they are rocking two totally different styles...and i love them both! start em early...guest post, hehe.


  10. awww what cuties!


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