Sunday, March 4, 2012


Life lately via Instagram.

Some pics of moi.
Outfits and armcandy.

Cali weather. Ranging from warm and sunny to cold and stormy.

Some good eats in the local area. Including garlic butter tilapia from Kitchen a la Ash. 
And white chocolate covered strawberries made by the hubbs. Ohhh yeaaah.

Takin it back old school for ya.
The cutest flower girl of the Eighties.
The hubbs showing off his skills on the dance floor.
Young love circa 2003.

And if you're on Instagram, let's partay and divulge our private lives together!
It's sooo much fun.


  1. love those pics especially the arm candy! Would love you to check out my blog and follow back! xoxox

  2. I love your photo sets Ashley! :) Wish my bb also has an instagram app! :(

  3. Fun photos, I love using instagram! Those gold flats are so adorable.

    xo erica

  4. Life looks to be great! Love your new cut in the first photo, you really rock it!

  5. I love your landscape photos!

  6. the accessories, the food, the palm trees. everything looks too perfect!!
    xo TJ

  7. lovin the old photos...too cute! send some of those strawberries my way, will ya??


  8. These pictures are so cute! You are so adorable in the flower girl picture. I hope that you don't mind but I used a comment that you had made on my blog in my post today.

  9. i love your blog. your style and vibe are great. would love it if youd check mine out and follow me back if you like! thanks.

  10. WOW - AMAZING!

    Übringens, wenn wir schon beim Thema sind ;D ,- Bei mir läuft momentan eine Blogvorstellungsrunde und ich denke du hast wirklich Potenzial, da mir dein Blog ziemlich gut gefällt. :) Ich würde mich freuen. xx

  11. very nice!

  12. Oh gosh, lovely pics! Love the stacking of colorful bracelets and garlic butter tilapia? *DROOL*

  13. Thank you for your sweet comment. We are happy to see you in Antalya. You should see Antalya City at least once before you died.

    Love from Antalya, Turkey.

  14. oh man all that food is making me so hungry! it must be getting close to lunch time!

  15. wow the local food looks soo yummy!! :Di like your shoes and jean jacket. you look so stylish :D
    keep in touch <3 cool blog


  16. I have just discovered your blog and definitely love it. You’re in my daily reads now
    So, i’m your newest follower! Do you want to follow me back?

  17. fabulous post, love. I hope you had an amazing weekend. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo

  18. Hi Ashley !!! This is Melisa :)
    It was great to meet you yesterday and I think you helped me break the ice a little
    Thank you so much, you and your hubby are incredibly sweet and adorable together!
    I wish you the best during your pregnancy and I hope to see you glow in future posts!

    Thanks for everything :)


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