Friday, April 27, 2012


Well, it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything.
It's been quite hard to get any outfits on file mainly because
a) no time and b) being pregnant doesn't always make you feel like taking any pictures.
I pretty much have a rotation of all things comfy and what works with my belly in my closet at this time.
It has felt a little redundant to me over the past few weeks and even months.
But then, today, I decided I might as well show off these outfits, however few,
to display that although I've been preggers,
 I have tried to maintain what style I could with my ever-changing bod.
It hasn't been easy but it's opened up my eyes to being creative with what I already have.
Because let's face it, maternity threads are so not the business. Yucky.

This whole pregger thing has progressed rapidly
and tomorrow, Peanut will officially have been cooking for 32 weeks!!
That's right. 8 whole months.
The home stretch.
Yaaaaah, baby!

Diy denim vest, lace top as worn before here in 2011 (as you can see, it is now a crop top on me. lol.), random tank, Joie boots, maternity skinny jeans from Ross (!), Guess watch, bracelets (l-r) H&M, F21, Target, necklace F21 


  1. You are definitely the most stylish pregnant woman that I have ever seen! 8 months! That's amazing! You must be so excited now! xx

  2. I invested in a pair of "stylish" maternity denims and wore it like EVERY day until the last couple months when I grew out of it! You're doing a great job keeping cute and stylish!

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  3. A fashionable mommy you're gonna be!!!

  4. great top honey, i really love how it suits on you :P

    nice to meet your blog!


  5. I love the addition of the denim vest.. you look amazing as always!

    xo Jennifer

  6. 8 months!! you are indeed a fashionable mom! love the boots!
    i nominated you with the versatile blogger award!


  7. Love the boots! You are such a fashionable mom! Can't wait to see how you dress your lil baby :)


  8. I like the bright blue layered under the lace! Great boots to, babe! And hehehe..peanut will have been cooking for 32 weeks...Oh and give yourself a break! You're growing a human inside you (although I must say you look stunning!)

  9. Story of my life..and I'm not even pregnant..haha

  10. Great Outfit ;) Love it!!

    Besos Storm


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