Friday, November 26, 2010

Just out and about.

Don't you just love the parking lot shots? Haha. I was out and about perusing my local stores for inspiration and decided that I really liked how comfortable I was in my outfit, so I decided to snap some shots with my point & shoot. I'm not always dressed up and fancy, but I still like to look pulled together. For the colder part of the year in California, I like to layer. You can't tell but I have two more layers underneath the dress. I definitely have my favorite go-to pieces for each season that I just throw on and go. I don't like to fuss with my outfits. This was the perfect example.

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  1. Hey Ashley,

    Great concept for a blog. Love the pix! I think it's wonderful you and Er are on blogspot :). It inspires me to keep writing. I've only been updating my song blog, but I think Toribetty is getting ready for a bigger, grander 2011 ;).


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