Tuesday, November 30, 2010


At least twice a year I become obsessed with accessories. When this time hits, I tend to scour the web for some inspiration. It has been a couple of days of browsing and nothing has hit me like the beauty of shoulder jewelry by Seville Michelle Anastos. Epaulettes are shoulder ornaments originally found on military uniforms. What a fun take on the military trend that has surrounded us in so many forms. 

I may be late in finding out about this new accessory, but I am just so happy to have found it. I am tickled pink. I feel refreshed. Enjoy this moment with me. 

These next two pics are epaulettes from BCBG.



  1. funny thing is, i saw a v.j. on t.v. wearing these epaulettes. i did a double take and they're actually pretty funky. i like them. want me to see if they sell any for cheap here?

  2. I really like those shoulder things! Those are so cool!




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